Past International Director Henry T. Bowers

PID Henry T. Bowers
International Director: 1938-1940

Henry T. Bowers of Toledo, Ohio, was elected to the Board of Directors of Lions International at the Annual Convention, held in Oakland, California, in July 1938.

The year previous, in Chicago, he was elected Chairman of the Board of Governors, an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors, and served during the year 1936-37 as District Governor of District 13-A.

In his own Lions Club, Bowers had held numerous important positions, serving as chairman of various committees, and holding the office of President during the latter part of 1935.

Bowers' business interests include directorship in the following companies: The Quality Laundry Company, Harry F. Judy Company, The Toledo Sanitarium Company, and Toledo Forum, Inc.

He was also financial secretary for Harry F. Judy Company and of the Toledo Forum, and was Auditor of Midwest Haulers, Inc.

Bowers was born in Toledo, where he attended high school and university.
He was married and had one child. He attended the Unitarian Church.

His principal hobby was yachting.


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